The online business road map by I am Michelle Gifford

You want an online business,
I've got your road map.
A step-by-step style of learning to help grow your online presence
After building five online businesses over the last ten years, I have learned how to simplify this business building thing.  And, lucky for you, it isn't as hard as you think.  I've created courses that will walk you through each step of building a solid online business.  Whether you are just starting out and building a blog or have been on the blog scene for a while and need direction, these courses are for you.  
Step 1.
Build a solid online presence with a blog as your home base.
Step 2.
Use SEO, Pinterest and a solid strategy to get the right people to your blog

Step 3.
Convert those visits into email subscribers and clients

"Between her encouragement, her support and yes, even her tough love I have felt my heart open up and grow.She's made me see that I have a voice, it is important and has encouraged me to go forward and sharing my words with the world."

Erin Barkel, Photographer 
"These courses have been life changing. I went from not knowing anything about blogging and business to growing a successful online business."
JoEllen Gifford, Maskcara Beauty Girl
"This course took my pictures from okay to pro.  My pictures will never be the same."
Randi Garrett of Randi Garrett Design
Blogging Basics
how to take your blog from a dream to reality
how to write so that your people find your blog 
how to grow your online presence and make money doing it.
Email Marketing
start to finish setting up your email list
how to grow your email list
how to use your list to make money and grow online
A Girlfriend's Guide to Photography
learn photography basics
how to use your nice camera
how to get your camera off auto
iPhone Photography Course
learn photography basics
how to use the secret functions of your iPhone
how to set up the perfect shot
Coming soon
Pinterest Party
how to craft a presence everyone will notice
creating pin-worthy content
building a strategy that will get you more traffic
Social Media Solutions
how to build a social media brand
how to have fun while still building your business
how to create a social media strategy