A Girlfriend's
Guide to
Email Marketing
 by I am Michelle Gifford

A step-by-step
guide to creating
and building your
email list
I've got some secrets for you.
 1. Email marketing can save you time and money.  You can use it to automate responses so that you can create it and forget it while still remaining insanely persona.  
2.  Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
3.  Email marketing is actually easier than you think

That's what this course is for: to help you start an email list from scratch and have clear direction on how to grow it.
Step 1.
Step-by-step of setting up your email 
Step 2.
Create a freebie and welcome sequence

Step 3.
Have a clear plan to nurture those email friends
Email Marketing
start to finish setting up your email list
how to grow your email list
how to use your list to make money and grow online
 video instruction and lifetime access
become an email marketing wizard
Before taking Michelle's course, I knew ZERO about email marketing! I assumed that setting up a professional looking, automated email sequence for my business would be both expensive and complicated. But I learned that email marketing is a powerful and user-friendly tool that no business owner should be without. I was amazed that my first email campaign was up and running within 24 hours of completing the course. I highly recommend making this training a priority for your business! 
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