A Girlfriend's
Guide to
 by I am Michelle Gifford

A step-by-step
guide to creating
and building a blog.
Join the hundreds of women who have found a clear path to blogging success.
Step 1.
Step-by-step of setting up your blog
Step 2.
How to write so people will find your blog

Step 3.
Have a clear plan to build a blog that succeeds
Fashion Stylist at Tiffany Cook Style
 I found myself trying to piece together free trainings for years and I spent a lot of time worrying about what my competition was doing simply because I was hoping to crack the code. . . until I met Michelle. I learned more in the first five minutes of Michelle’s blog course than I did in the hours I wasted listening to free trainings. 
Blogging Course
start to finish setting up your blog
how to create blog content 
how to use SEO and Pinterest to drive organic traffic
 video instruction and lifetime access
become an email marketing wizard
Michelle's blogging course has been life changing!  I was able to go from knowing absolutely nothing about blogging to creating a successful blog that gets organic traffic.
Stop wasting time Googling and get started with a clear plan for success.  
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